• PC Katana
  • PSP Mid Atlantic Open
  • May 02 – 04, 2014
For the Mid Atlantic Open (MAO) event we had a problem scheduling practices because of where the event fell in relation to Easter weekend. I’m sure a lot of teams felt this same pain. Some of the team practiced individually where they could with whoever they could but the team as a whole only had one practice weekend and it was the weekend before the event. For that practice, we practiced at the PC Katana home field in Panama City. Saturday was spent mostly on learning the field and breakout drills. We felt very strong about some of the shots so that’s what we worked on most of the morning. As the day went on, we started playing longer points and letting the games last for a few minutes. We finished off Saturday with some full-length matches and closed out feeling pretty good. On Sunday, we had other local teams and a lot of the other PC Katana team members to scrimmage. We solidified the lanes and breakout drills from the previous day and started focusing on communication and closing out games. We thought the field would play fairly slow until we were up on bodies then felt it would move quickly.

The Mid Atlantic Open event was held in Chesapeake City, MD for the third year in a row. This venue has been fairly good as far as paintball events go. The parking lot was a bit muddy and hard to navigate for some but luckily we didn’t have any problems.

The weather was good while we played but it rained on and off while we were there keeping the fields just a little bit muddy and making sure the parking lot was rather messy.

We had high hopes for the team this event. You can always prepare more but we worked really hard the weekend before the event to be ready. Coming out of a 1-3 record from the Dallas Open event we were eager to improve our performance. We turned it around this event and won 3 out of 4 in the preliminary rounds. This felt really good and we were excited about playing on Sunday for the first time this season. Last season we were in a lower division and we played past the preliminary round every event. The season is still long but we strive to be in the Sunday club each event going forward.

Dan Strickland we really felt like the mustache was going on the shelf with the trophy this time! Thanks for all of your support and keep the cool water coming! Empire Paintball keeps us running as usual (even though their tent was super muddy) this event. Alfred and Jay, I’m sure we owe you guys a Redds Apple Ale for all the tech work you guys do. Thanks again!